Seamlessly receive and reconcile payments from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Backed by our powerful global payment network and around-the-clock multilingual support, Flywire enables institutions to securely receive, process and track cross-border and domestic payments from students regardless of location.

Education benefits

Flywire streamlines the payment process by enabling you to:

  • Offer convenient, local payment options in 140+ currencies
  • Securely receive, identify and match payments to speed reconciliation
  • Ensure complete visibility with real-time tracking from initiation to delivery
  • Ease operations via self-service account access, reporting and more
  • Provide multilingual support via phone, chat and email

The trusted choice of millions of students and thousands of institutions, agents, and partners worldwide

  • Flywire was the easiest implementation. It has made a huge difference for our international students because we were able to move them to a safe, secure payment method. They can now seamlessly pay from their home country, making the process much simpler for us, our students and their parents.

  • Flywire and its excellent, multilingual, often in-country customer service provide our students and their families a secure, low cost, fully integrated payment process that operates like an extension of our university. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Australian Catholic University is ecstatic. Right from the beginning, everything happened smoothly. Clear presentation, quick and easy set up, good communication, instant inquiry for students and staff, and excellent reporting.

  • We have found Flywire straightforward to implement and it has immediately made it easier for our overseas families to make payments.

  • Flywire is now the measure of customer service that we compare all other vendors against.

Streamline your payment process

Want to provide a better payment experience for your students?

Today’s students require efficient systems that keep up with constantly changing needs. With Flywire, students benefit from a secure, streamlined payment process that is not only easy to navigate, but also offers local, convenient payment options that save time and money. Our transparent payment process provides real-time tracking and status updates every step of the way so students know exactly when payments are delivered.

Do you have the ability to offer payment methods for hundreds of countries worldwide?

Education institutions often don’t have the resources to research and offer country-specific payment methods. This is why our global banking experts develop relationships around the world to provide you with a powerful payment network. We securely process payments in over 140+ currencies from more than 240 countries and territories, and protect students from inflated exchange rates by securing wholesale rates and disclosing costs up front.

Are you able to provide around-the-clock customer support?

Due to size, importance and infrequency, education payments can be intimidating for students and their families. Answering payer questions in real time can be a challenge, especially when they’re in different time zones. At Flywire, we become an extension of your campus. Our multilingual support team provides around-the-clock assistance via phone, chat and email to help you provide an optimal payment experience.

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Why should you receive education payments with Flywire?

Flywire securely handles payment processing and fund transfers, ending the need for you to share your institution’s banking information online or in print. This eliminates your risk of exposing students to fraud. Receiving education payments with Flywire is easy as:

1. Booking: students book payments with Flywire in their home currency

2. Exchange: Flywire or our local licensed partner receives payment and processes foreign exchange when necessary

3. Payment: Flywire sends funds to institutions via batch disbursements with easy reconciliation

Delivering world-class results

Millionsof transactions from students worldwide
Billionsin payments to thousands of institutions
up to 40%reduction in call volume

Experience the Difference:

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