Rezdy Integration

Our Rezdy integration provides your customers with a seamless way to pay for bookings, while auto-reconciling all payment information, and reducing payment processing costs for your business.

Flywire and Rezdy

  • Enable payment collections directly from your website and within the Rezdy dashboard
  • Receive reconciled payments information in Rezdy
  • Reduce payment processing costs, such as merchant and bank fees

Why Flywire

Payment Options

Flywire allows you to receive 100% of your payment in the currency of your choice. You can collect payments through our invoicing solution or easily integrate Flywire into your current checkout or invoicing flow.

Reduced Fees and Costs

Incoming merchant card and bank wire fees reduce significantly, saving your business money.

Elevated guest experience

Provide choice, convenience, and support. Guests pay in their local currency, with competitive exchange rates, and have access to 24x7 live support. We also offer a best price guarantee—because, like you, we’re committed to

Reduced Back Office Work

Our free, innovative solution helps you streamline the invoicing process, while your Flywire administrative dashboard puts automatic identification, matching, and tracking of payments at your fingertips.
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About Rezdy

Like Flywire, Rezdy understands that bookings fuel your travel business. That's why everything Rezdy does is focused on helping you:

Get more bookings
Offer a better customer experience
Save time and automate business operations
Get back to doing what you love

How it works


Configure Flywire as your Credit Card payment gateway from the Settings area of your Rezdy dashboard


Accept online orders through your website or create internal orders from the dashboard and process the payment with Flywire


Flywire will automatically write payment information back against the order to reconcile it within Rezdy

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