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The travel industry is a global business, and running a global business creates complex problems. Flywire provides your clients with a secure and streamlined way to pay, so you can focus on what you do best - making every trip the best trip yet.

Let Flywire take care of your payments and reconciliation process from start to finish.

Streamlined payment experience

The Flywire platform allows OTAs to accept supplier payments in one simple platform.

Payment options

Receive 100% of your payment in the currency of your choice and offer your payors flexible, local payment options through a single payment platform. Receive payments through bank transfers, cards, and alternative payment methods.

Payment security

Flywire’s team covers anti-money laundering, compliance, and global security. Learn more about our certifications and programs here.

Global payments expertise

Flywire's global payments team is always evaluating new and emerging payment methods, so you'll always be prepared for how your clients want to pay in the future.

Easy integrations into your business workflows

Our platform connects with ERPs that make it simple to integrate Flywire into your existing payment, invoicing, and reconciliation workflows.

Visibility, tracking, and simplified reconciliations

Flywire’s dashboard puts automatic identification, matching, and tracking of payments in one place. Real-time invoice and payment status updates and robust reporting and data to give you an instant overview of your business health.

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Familiar and trustworthy payment methods
Competitive exchange rate
Easy to use, attractive experience
24x7 multi-lingual support

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