Seamless payments for your guests.

Simple processes for you.

Flywire gives your guests a safe and intuitive way to pay, so you can focus on giving them unforgettable experiences.

Our solution reduces wire and merchant fees while building efficiency into your international payment process.

How It Works


Request Payment

Guest books with you and receives payment information.


Guest pays

Guest locks in exchange rate and pays in their local currency via credit card, bank transfer, etc.



Flywire or its local licensed partner receives payment and processes foreign exchange.


Deposit & reconciliation

Funds are deposited into your account and payment is automatically reconciled

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Learn how Flywire becomes an extension of your hospitality to improve your guests’ experience and your bottom line.

Payment options

Flywire allows you to receive 100% of your payment in the currency of your choice. You can collect payments through our invoicing solution or easily integrate Flywire into your current checkout or invoicing flow.

Reduced fees and costs

Incoming merchant card and bank wire fees reduce significantly, saving your business money.

Simplified reconciliation

Our custom portal captures payer information, so you don’t have to worry about unidentified or short-balance payments. In just a few clicks, offer installment and recurring invoice options and set automatic reminders.

Elevated guest experience

Provide choice, convenience, and support. Guests pay in their local currency, with competitive exchange rates, and have access to 24x7 live support. We also offer a best price guarantee—because, like you, we’re committed to providing an incredible experience for your guests.

Reduced back-office work

Our free, innovative solution helps you streamline the invoicing process, while your Flywire administrative dashboard puts automatic identification, matching, and tracking of payments at your fingertips.

Simplicity for everyone

Flywire’s comprehensive suite of products offers travel providers a one-stop shop to easily receive and manage payments, deliver invoices and statements, and collect commissions from various suppliers.

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