Flywire Adds Customizable Plans To Healthcare Payments Platform

In a move to strengthen patient engagement and affordability, Flywire has unveiled new enhancements to its healthcare payments platform amid the pandemic, according to a press release.

The firm’s pre-service payment plans let healthcare providers give patients personalized payment options before service, and also offer customizable payment offers that adapt to a patient’s ability to pay to let providers address concerns of those who might be facing hardship due to COVID-19.

“The ability to set proper expectations up front about a patient’s financial responsibility and proactively offer personalized payment options significantly improves collectability,” said John Talaga, executive vice president and general manager of Flywire’s healthcare business. “But providers don’t always have access to the necessary information or tools to be able to offer that.”

Pre-service payment plans are included in the company’s enhancements to its healthcare payments platform, which offers providers with increased ability to settle payment commitments from an estimate by engaging patients with affordable choices through email or text in addition to in-person and over the phone. The enhanced solution builds on Simplee Access Prepare & Pay after Simplee’s acquisition by Flywire and brings together a self-service experience geared toward consumers first with seamless payment integration and workflow.

The enhancements also include COVID-19 relief payment options, with an integrated offering that identifies a COVID-19 patient’s financial situation via analytics and engages them through customized payment offers before and after service. It also lets them self-activate payment options that meet their requirements. The rules-based technology lets customers expediently adapt to unexpected situations like COVID-19 by providing a temporary lower installment payment to relax the patient burden.

Additionally, the enhancements include single sign-on (SSO) and telehealth payments for Epic users. SSO, which is available on the Epic App Orchard, lets patients seamlessly access Flywire’s services via MyChart and significantly bolsters the financial experience, per the company. Secure Checkout, Flywire’s current app, lets customers grow the payment service for telehealth visits to avoid capturing, sending or storing data on their networks.


June 9, 2020