Flywire and deliver free COVID-19 chatbot to frontline healthcare providers

The vertical payment company Flywire, and, an artificially intelligent chatbot, are making available a COVID-19 chatbot. It was quickly deployed to enable healthcare providers to communicate digitally and in real-time with patients to address questions and concerns related to the coronavirus. The companies said that the COVID-19 chatbot is customizable and will help patients assess symptoms and qualify risks based on CDC guidelines. It will also help to relieve call volume for frontline healthcare workers.

John Talaga, EVP and GM of Flywire's healthcare division commented that "The coronavirus pandemic is putting enormous strain on healthcare providers who are on the front line of treating and containing the virus. In addition to actively treating patients, doctors and nurses are overrun with calls from individuals about potential coronavirus symptoms. Flywire's chatbot service is designed to help healthcare providers keep up with the high volume of requests they're seeing. It's one little way we can help our healthcare clients manage how they engage and support their patient population at this critical time."

Healthcare providers can quickly and easily deploy the COVID-19 response bot on their website via JavaScript to make it immediately available to patients. The solution guides patients through a series of assessments and enables them to connect with providers through a 24/7 two-way chatbot. Flywire and plan to further upgrade the solution to include optional human-to-human live chat and SMS texts in the near future. The system comes with a CDC microsite embedded and directs patients to specific CDC resources when available.