Travel Provider Insights 2024

Trends, observations, and growth drivers for the future of travel

What does the future hold for travel providers?

Travel providers are optimistic about the future as they head into 2024. Consumers continue to seek unique, immersive travel experiences around the world providing ample opportunities for growth.

In fact, 97% of the 400+ travel providers surveyed by Flywire said that they expect growth, even in regions where post-pandemic recovery is lagging. Traveler behaviors are evolving with more demand for sustainability and facilities to enable hybrid working and 4-day work weeks.

In our first survey of destination management companies (DMCs), accommodation providers and tour operators, we asked them about their recovery and growth predictions, the trends they are seeing in the sector, and what impact leveraging technology will have on their operations.

Access our exclusive report to learn:

  • How travel providers see demand for consumer trends evolving
  • How payment experience impacts travelers and business growth
  • What impact travel providers believe technology and AI will have on their business

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