Flywire Announces Charitable Foundation to Help Improve Global Equality

Flywire’s 501(c)(3) aims to improve equality, access and affordability for underrepresented individuals and communities
As its inaugural initiatives, Flywire Charitable Foundation launches four academic scholarships for students studying global health as well as those studying social justice
Foundation will continue to invest in programs that support its vision to remove the access and affordability gap for marginalized individuals and communities

June 23, 2020

Today, Flywire, a high-growth vertical payments company, announced the Flywire Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) focused on improving equality, access, and affordability for underrepresented individuals in the global communities in which Flywire operates. As its inaugural pledge, the Foundation is launching academic scholarships that will be awarded to students in two distinct academic categories: global health and medicine, as well as social justice. Applications are available immediately through July 31st to all undergraduate and graduate students.

“As a global organization, Flywire was built on the principles of equality, acceptance and partnership,” said Mike Massaro, Flywire CEO. “In light of current events, it’s our responsibility to take direct action to extend these qualities for the benefit of the communities we serve. We’re very proud to launch the Flywire Charitable Foundation to do our part in addressing the access and affordability gaps for those facing unique hardship.”

“The academic scholarships we’ve launched are part of Flywire’s ongoing commitment to creating better opportunities for those seeking high quality healthcare, education and global culture. This is just a first step and the Flywire Charitable Foundation commits to doing much more to build a more just, inclusive and equitable society.”

The Flywire Charitable Foundation scholarships will be awarded to students in need to help them better manage costs associated with their education. Applications are open to students who have academic pursuits in the following disciplines:

  • Global health and medicine: The devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic reveals an urgent need to accelerate the world’s focus on improving public health. These scholarships aim to help train the next generation of highly-skilled health and medical experts.
  • Social justice: Continued racism against minority communities around the world underscores the need for significant social justice reform. These scholarships aim to support tomorrow’s leaders who will commit to eradicating racism, violence and other acts of intolerance against minorities.

Apply for a Flywire Charitable Foundation academic scholarship today: Apply now.


  • Flywire is leading a campaign to help international students obtain and extend visas so they can safely return to the U.S. to study, in accordance with public health guidelines. To support international students in light of COVID-19, please sign our petition: Save Overseas Studies

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