Flywire, TRUE North Integrate To Reach More International Students

April 18, 2019

Flywire, the payment company focused on educational institutions and their students around the world, announced Thursday (April 18) an expanded partnership with TRUE North, the Canadian provider of online systems for information management, tracking, collaboration, and reporting for international student programs.

In a press release, Flywire said the companies have integrated their offerings, connecting the application, enrollment and cross-border payment and receivables processes to provide schools, international agencies and student families increased transparency and convenience. Flywire said the two companies will serve school districts in Canada to better support the recruitment of international students. Flywire noted in the press release that Canadian school districts are seeing growth in international students, which is increasing the complexity of supporting the application and payment process from several foreign countries. With the TRUE North/Flywire offering, schools can simplify the process for international students to enroll as well as make and receive payments.

“By enhancing student activity visibility from the time of application through enrollment and payment, we help eliminate the manual effort typically required on the part of the schools,” Sharon Butler, EVP of Global Education at Flywire, said in the press release. “At the same time, we provide a seamless payment experience for student families that enables them to put more focus on ensuring a smooth transition for their students.”

TRUE North offers a web-based platform to manage the tracking of information and the reporting and collaboration needs of international education programs, while Flywire provides a payment experience that is familiar and local to families. Flywire offers flexible payment options from more than 240 countries. Flywire enables students and families to make payments by country and currency. The company has processed more than $10 billion from more than 1,800 clients around the world.

“At TRUE North we are committed to helping international students who want to study in Canada. We are excited to be partnering with Flywire and are confident this integration will simplify the complexities of international payments and add value for international students, agencies and schools,” said Blair Hope in the same press release. Hope co-founded TRUE North along with Jason Schaad.