How Are Fintechs Enabling Seamless E-commerce Experiences?

October 1, 2020

Fintech is a gamechanger for every industry

Fintech has empowered e-commerce businesses in many ways. E-commerce is evolving with the help of Fintech and easing out the industry’s online payment systems. This allows customers to complete their financial transactions seamlessly. Some of the most common examples of Fintech in e-commerce are PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple pay.

It is estimated that the demand for fintech in e-commerce is going to grow by 25% by the end of 2025. Here are a payment innovations that have had a positive impact on the overall growth of E-commerce businesses.

A few popular Fintech players helping e-commerce thrive worldwide:


Boston based startup, Flywire helps businesses create personalized payment platforms for a wide array of international industries such as education, travel and healthcare. When it becomes difficult to keep track of the payments while dealing with international clients, Flywire offers great solutions for a friction less mechanism. Flywire effectively reconciles global payments, allows refunding keeping in loop all the involved parties in real time.