4 Recent Events That Have Changed How Consumers View Healthcare

Consumer perception of healthcare has changed drastically in the past year due to four key studies and reports. These events altered not only professional views in the industry but has also crossed into the consciousness of the mainstream patient – affecting the way they approach providers today.

1) TIME magazine
Cover story on healthcare pricing in March revealed concerns about price disparity for similar care between hospitals, often in the same geographical areas. The article brought transparency and price mistrust to the forefront of the national healthcare debate.

2) Catalyst for Payment Reform and Healthcare Incentives Improvement Institute
Study rated states based on healthcare price transparency laws and gave almost 30 states an “F” grade. Findings suggest that while hospitals admire the value of transparency in general, there is still space for laws encouraging disclosure.

3) Journal of the American Medical Association
Study on prices for hip replacements suggest that patients experience difficulty in discovering prices and there is significant variance among hospitals.

4) US News & World Report
Ranking of America’s best hospitals increasingly focuses on performance rather than reputation. Quality of outcomes and provider performance are no longer technical factors considered by payor reimbursement models, but rather becoming factors that influence the patient decision making process.

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