5 Ways Hospitals Can Empower Patients During Revenue Cycle Interactions

hfm Magazine, a leading publication for healthcare executives, recently featured a piece by Simplee’s CEO, Tomer Shoval.

To give you a taste of Tomer’s expertise, here is a snippet of five strategies to empower patients during your organization’s revenue cycle.

1. Go digital. Online and self-service capabilities 
for billing and payment are commonplace in industries such as retail and banking — and healthcare organizations are making progress in adopting digital tools for patient payments.

2. Modernize your billing and payment experience. Challenge the traditional view of patient billing. Incorporate a modern, clean, jargon-free design focused on driving patients to your website.

3. Ensure that your online payment site features responsive web design. This step makes it easier for patients to pay their bills from any web or mobile device.

4. Optimize for self-service. Can patients easily locate the online bill pay function on your organization’s website? User experience and website optimization matter.

5. Prioritize data and analytics to measure success. Hospitals can drive online payments via a number of consumer best practices, such as testing, analytics, and user experience optimization.

Learn more from the full discussion in the July issue of hfm Magazine here.