[Case Study] AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is the global leader in mobile attribution, providing data analytics services to marketers across the globe. They serve over 10,000 customers in industries from retail to gaming, and everything in between. As a customer-obsessed company, AppsFlyer puts the customer experience above all else. But their payment processing wasn’t as customer-friendly as it could have been, and their payment fees were too high.


When assessing their payments solutions, AppsFlyer saw several areas that were not meeting their high standards.

First, customer payment options were limited, and did not include some popular local payment methods that were in high demand. Second, AppsFlyer’s payment fees were high across the board, no matter how their customers were paying. Finally, the Billing team was spending far too much time with manual reconciliation of incoming payments.

AppsFlyer needed a solution that was more efficient for them and more user-friendly for their customers.

[Case Study] AppsFlyer


AppsFlyer chose Flywire to improve all aspects of their payment experience. Now, by leveraging Flywire’s platform and global payment network, AppsFlyer is able to provide customers with the option to pay by credit card or wire in their preferred local currency. Customers also have the option to use one of several popular local payment methods, such as Boleto in Brazil. This solution increases collection for regions that have high bank fees and allows them to collect funds easily, increasing both efficiency and revenue.

AppsFlyer is also able to benefit from Flywire’s lower payment fees, including no fees when accepting wire transfers and significantly reduced fees on credit card payments. Moreover, the Billing Team is able to streamline processes and reduce workload. With a simpler payment experience for customers and improved payment reconciliation, the team is saving hours of time every week.

As for the implementation process, AppsFlyer couldn’t be happier. “The implementation process was very simple,” says Michal Reznick, AppsFlyer’s Head of Billing & Collections. “Flywire’s team was very supportive and provided us a solution that fit our needs. They excel at getting into details and understanding our needs as a company, as well as our desire to provide the customer with the best payment experience.”


With Flywire in place, AppsFlyer has seen significant improvements to their payment processes across the board. Total savings are over $50,000 a year, and the payment experience is improved for both AppsFlyer and client alike, with increased efficiency and more payment options.

Before Flywire

  • High fees on incoming wire payments
  • High fees on credit card payments
  • Time-consuming, manual reconciliation
  • Limited options for payment methods

With Flywire

  • No fees on incoming wires
  • 50% lower fees on credit card transactions
  • 4-5 hours saved a week on reconciliation and payment support
  • More local payment options for customers
I highly recommend Flywire! Flywire as a platform is very easy to use. It's transparent and incredibly user friendly. Also, the Flywire team is very supportive and responsive. Most importantly, we’re saving money and improving our customer experience.” -Moshe Grimberg, CFO

Meet AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is the global leader in mobile attribution, providing data analytics services to marketers across the globe. They serve over 10k+ customers coming from industries such as retail, entertainment, gaming etc. AppsFlyer is a customer-obsessed company, and as such puts the customer first. Learn more at www.appsflyer.com.

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