[Case Study] Kaweah Delta Health

Increased self service &
reduced cost to collect
Drove 2.5x roi

Not-for-profit, district hospital • Over 600,000 patients treated per year
3,763 employees including nearly 100 physicians • 8 campuses throughout the Visalia Area

Kaweah Delta sought a solution that would reduce its cost to collect and create a unified billing experience for patients and staff. By implementing a patient financial experience that made self-service payments easy and unified multiple systems (without the cost and expense of a new EHR or billing system), Kaweah was able to reduce its cost to collect over 56%.

45% Increase in Self Service Payments

(9X the Healthcare Average)

84% Patient Satisfaction

(2.4X the Healthcare Average)

Happier patients

Keeping track of my hospital/clinic bills should be easy and it is now. Thank you!

– Patient, Kaweah Delta

Very clear and simple!

– Patient, Kaweah Delta

I love that it gave us an itemized break down of the visit.

– Patient, Kaweah Delta

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