Client Spotlight: Made for Spain & Portugal

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Client Spotlight: Made for Spain & Portugal

Made for Spain & Portugal is a luxury DMC providing the ultimate travel experience on the Iberian Peninsula and islands since 1999. Their itineraries service the sophisticated traveler looking to connect in an authentic, creative and transformative way by facilitating insider access to the most exclusive places and extraordinary people, from opening top sites and museums for a private tour to organizing a dinner with a relative of the royal family, and everything in between, all with a focus on sustainable luxury.

Made for Spain & Portugal has been featured in Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, The New York Times, Bloomberg and Forbes among other publications, is a Virtuoso On-Site, awarded their Destinations & Experiences Partner of the Year 2019, and has been named Best Destination Management Company by Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine in 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018.

We chatted with Virginia Irurita, Founder and Executive Partner, to learn more about Made for Spain & Portugal and how they are responding to the COVID-19 restrictions on travel.

Tablao Flamenco “El Corral de la Moreria”

What makes Made for Spain & Portugal unique in the space?
Our itineraries include experiences, transport, and accommodations, and our 20-year history allows us preferential relationships with hotel partners, including an exclusive set of amenities at many. Each and every itinerary is custom-designed, including endless possibilities of private historical and cultural touring, Michelin star and local gastronomic experiences, wellness activities, shopping tours with fashion designers and artisans, private flamenco dancing lessons and much more, all with guides and hosts that we have personally hand-picked and trained. Plus, to ensure that absolutely all needs are attended to while guests travel, our guest relations representatives are available 24/7 for any changes, reservations, or information required.

We offer Lifestyle Tours where we create long-lasting memories by connecting you with locals so that you may immerse yourself in the traditions, flavors, and sounds of the vibrant Spanish lifestyle.

Imagine - how would your life be if you move to Portugal or Spain tomorrow? Our guests see life through a Spaniard’s eyes while visiting the nooks and crannies of the city only locals know. We focus on authentic experiences; no run-of-the-mill history walks here! If the locals don’t do it, then neither will we. Enjoy the atmosphere and conversation at one of the hip cafés, pop into artisan shops, get to know Spanish social life, and prepare to leave Spain feeling like you’ve lived here your whole life!

Tapas Bar “EL Doble”

Another unique experience we offer is a visit and private lunch at the Castillo de Almodovar in Cordoba, where Game of Thrones filmed in 2016. We open the doors of the private palace to our clients and organize a luncheon with the owners.

What’s the best feedback you’ve heard from your guests?
“It was a dream trip in every way. Our guides were superb, and drivers made the experience a vacation rather than a headache. They even managed to engage our three teenage daughters in the local culture,now that’s really saying something.”

Are you working on any new initiatives to attract and retain customers?
We are adjusting all of our proposals of experiences and touring to the new Corona situation, to make sure traveling is smooth, healthy, and hassle-free. We are also including some new things to serve the new traveler coming after this crisis, such as villa and apartment rentals.

What has been your communication with guests that have booked for the next few months?
Postponing is the key!

Are there any silver linings to this situation or projects you are working on that you haven’t had time for in the past?
We are adjusting all of our offers to provide travelers the ultimate travel experience with maximum safety. So human connection within social distancing is totally possible. We are opening doors to the traveler to meet local people, get involved in the community, and stay on the safe side.

Once the world returns to normal, what are you most looking forward to?
Celebrating life with my friends, family and also friends in the industry.

We’ll all be together again soon! If you’d like to learn more about Made for Spain and Portugal, and learn more about their experiences, please explore or check them out on social media:


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