Exploring international education partnerships: Flywire's trade mission to São Paulo, Brazil

Chris Sabiston
Chris Sabiston
is Director of Sales, K-12, EDU Canada at Flywire

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for quality education knows no bounds. For Canadian educational institutions, this presents a unique opportunity to showcase their offerings on a global stage. Recently, I had the privilege of representing Flywire at a trade mission to São Paulo, Brazil, organized by CAPS - I (Canadian Association of Public Schools - International). Flywire is a global payments and software company that supports the international education market, including my specialty of Canadian K-12 schools, so it was truly special to connect and network with schools and education agents in growing education markets like Brazil.

The mission was focused on fostering relationships between Canadian school districts and Brazilian education agents, with the aim of promoting Canada as a premier destination for K-12 international education. It was an enlightening experience, and one that highlighted the growing interest in Canadian education from Brazil and abroad. It was particularly exciting for me, as both Canada and Brazil are important markets for Flywire, and agents are becoming increasingly important to the overall recruitment, admissions and enrollment process.

The delegation consisted of 20 school districts from across Canada, each bringing their unique strengths and offerings to the table. From the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia to the vibrant multiculturalism of Toronto, as well as unique destination opportunities across Canada's diverse educational landscape – there’s little surprise that there is a lot of excitement to study in Canada. (More than 30,000 international students in kindergarten through 12th grade come to study in Canada each year, representing 131 different geographies).

On the other side, we had 40 agents from various parts of Brazil, all eager to learn about what Canada has to offer. These agents play a crucial role in guiding Brazilian students and their families in their quest for quality education abroad. By forging strong partnerships with them, Canadian institutions can ensure a steady flow of students seeking a world-class education.

Flywire has been focused on partnerships with agents around the world for the last few years. This was a great opportunity to speak with many in Sao Paulo and learn about the challenges they face in paying tuition and home stay as well as collecting fees and commissions.

The trade mission was not just about promoting education; it was also about cultural exchange. Through various networking events and seminars, attendees had the opportunity to learn about each other's cultures, traditions, and educational systems. This cultural exchange is invaluable, as it helps build bridges between nations and fosters a sense of understanding and collaboration.

For Flywire, the trade mission was a testament to our commitment to supporting the education sector. By providing innovative payment solutions, we enable students from around the world to access quality education easily. Our presence at the trade mission allowed us to showcase how Flywire streamlines the payment process for international students and families – helping education institutions, agents and students alike.

Overall, the trade mission to São Paulo was a resounding success. It not only strengthened ties between Canadian school districts and Brazilian agents, but also showcased Canada as a welcoming and inclusive destination for students worldwide. As we look towards the future, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the impact we can continue making to help shape the future of education.

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