Flywire, in partnership with Hilton Grand Vacations, takes home Top Prize at 2021 ARDA Awards

Flywire is thrilled to announce that the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) has recognized Flywire with the top prize in the Digital Products category: Owner/Guest at the 2021 ARDA Awards!

2021 ARDA Awards

The ARDA awards celebrate greatness in the timeshare industry and are committed to recognizing the best nominees submitted across multiple categories. This year’s ARDA Awards winners were selected by both industry experts and judges outside of the industry that represent a variety of fields in relation to the category divisions.

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Flywire streamlines the payment experience for timeshare businesses, uniquely solving both sides of the payment equation. For vacation club members, Flywire provides a simple, secure and intuitive way to pay, with multiple payment methods, no matter where they are in the world. Likewise, for the timeshare businesses, Flywire provides operational efficiencies - like integrating with existing systems and automating payment status updates - to ultimately achieve cost savings.

“We’re delighted to be recognized by both ARDA and our client,” said Liam Walsh, Senior Director of Travel, Flywire. “Flywire has been committed to helping transform the payment experience for vacation club members - our clients’ customers - so that guests can benefit from a simple, secure and flexible path to payment. And, for our clients, we help simplify the process of receiving and reconciling payments so that they have more time to focus on what’s important - providing exceptional guest experiences.”

For travelers and businesses alike, Flywire ensures that payments are made and received easily, securely, and in the method of choice. And, because Flywire offers diverse payment methods in more than 130 currencies all around the globe, world travelers have the flexibility and choice to make the most convenient payment decisions.

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