Flywire’s Mike Massaro talks value of vertical payments software on TD Ameritrade show

To digitize the industries that have really been underserved when it comes to payments processes, you need more than just a pay button.

That’s what sets Flywire apart from other payments and fintech companies, Flywire CEO Mike Massaro shared with Market on Close contributor Caroline Woods of TD Ameritrade network Thursday. Flywire brings both the technology and the underlying global payment network (the world’s top banks, card networks and payment providers) to handle high-stakes, high-value payments all around the world. Flywire eases the reconciliation process by integrating with the systems of record deployed in the industries in which it works.

“We take away all the complexity, all the pain points from our clients,” Massaro said. “They shouldn’t have to be experts in payments. That’s really what we’re there for.”

Massaro also spent a good part of his 10-minute segment making sure to credit the company’s FlyMates – the 700 plus employees globally (40 different nationalities, more than 32 languages spoken) – for setting Flywire apart from other fintech companies.

Woods opened the segment by saying that some analysts see an upside ahead for Flywire, and continued that Wells Fargo assigned an overweight rating with a $41 price target.

Massaro also shared his thoughts on crypto’s future, Flywire’s growth opportunities and where the company will focus in 2022. Listen to the full segment here, “Flywire (FLYW) CEO on What’s Next for Fintech”.