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What Hult is saying

Flywire to us is a very trusted partner … For the students, it offers a safe way of doing online transactions. The students get great support from Flywire … For us, it really enables us to collect students from all over the world in a safe and timely manner.

Marcus FribergFinance Manager, Hult International Business School
Finance Manager,  Hult International Business School

Flywire offers the right equation:

Flexible Payment Options + Optimized Service = Happier Students

Partnering with Flywire since 2015, Hult has securely processed more than 60,000 cross-border international transactions from more than 150 countries in 110+ currencies for students worldwide.

What students are saying

  • Coming to college is already a big adjustment … Flywire makes that whole college experience easier on us students, especially when we don't come here from the United States.

    Ania De ChavignyUndergraduate student from Haiti
  • Flywire made it so easy because I did not have to worry about sending a check, or going to the bank to transfer the money … It was quick and efficient.

    Shabeen SamnaniPostgraduate student from India
  • Trust is really important when you actually conduct the payment. So that's why I like Flywire. I could trust it, and it was safe, and worked, especially with large sums of money.

    Yashar HooshyarPostgraduate student from Germany

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