Meet our travel payments experts: Maicol Restrepo

Managing travel payments is complex. Flywire’s client success team plays a big part in helping clients make it look easy. In this series, we’ll help you get to know the people behind processing your payments – the ones you can expect to see and talk to (yes, you read that right).

Spending too much time fielding travel payments questions? Better call Maicol.

Let’s get to know Maicol Restrepo, who is Flywire’s client success operations manager, dedicated to solving payments challenges and questions from travel clients. He has worked at Flywire for nearly four years, and spent half of that learning the customer service trade across Flywire’s entire business. This has made him one of the go-tos for the most complex payment challenges – including managing chargebacks.

Tell us something about yourself.
I was born in Colombia and lived there until I was 6. My family moved to Boston, and I’ve lived here ever since. I speak Spanish fluently.

What do you think makes for a good client success professional?
You have to be empathetic, and able to place yourself in the shoes of a client or business owner. You also have to communicate very effectively to build relationships, both internally and externally.

What is something unique that Flywire solves for travel clients?
Each client has a designated relationship manager who has a professional background not only in the payment space and experience in the travel industry as well.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Seville. I just loved the history, the culture. The food was amazing. As well as the warm welcome that all of the people in Seville provided.

And where are you excited to go next?
Bogota. I am excited to go back to Colombia. I will also have the opportunity and chance to meet some of our clients in person and learn more about the travel industry in Latin America.

Want to have Maicol on call? Get in touch with our team.