International AR Management: Benchmarks, Challenges, Technology, Opportunity

Do you or will you have international accounts receivable? Managing global AR means international banking relationships, localizing invoices, tracking geo-political instability, and monitoring and managing FX risk in every country in which your company does business.

This webinar will feature the results and key inferences from the International AR Management: Benchmarks, Challenges, Technology, Opportunity survey. The objectives of the survey were to benchmark the challenges companies face in managing international accounts receivable, identify common areas for improvement, and evaluate the roles that data, process, and technology play in effectively managing accounts receivable across international borders.

Watch this webinar to learn how companies are leveraging technology to overcome international AR challenges, gain insights into augmenting your A/R workflow with cross-border payment automation, and understand how it can help you drive business outcomes.

Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • Considerations for cross-border invoicing and receiving
  • Guidance on growing and accepting payments in today’s global hot spots
  • Mitigating international payment related inquiries and time spent on reconciliations
  • Identifying and monitoring AR related currency risk exposures
  • Rationalizing the number of global bank relationships your company needs

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