Mitigating Risk through Partnership: Payments as Usual during the COVID-19 Era

[On Demand Webinar]

In times of global crisis, like the current coronavirus pandemic, Flywire’s clients and payers can rest assured that we will work business as usual to deliver on their most important payments. Our global payments network, which is underpinned by resilience, redundancy and payment flexibility, was purpose-built to help our clients adapt to unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19.

In this webinar, Ryan Frere, EVP Global Payments shares the unique capabilities of our global payments platform that are helping clients weather this storm and how our relationships with the world’s top banking institutions, like Citi, assure continuity and minimize risk in the face of market volatility.

Stephanie Epkins,
SVP, Commercial Banking, Citi
Ryan Frere
, EVP, Global Payments, Flywire

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