Tackling Cross-border Payments: How A/R can drive business outcomes during an economic slowdown

Joint webinar with IOFM

As we approach the realities of an economic slowdown, your team faces a daunting task. You must drive down DSO, get more cash in the door, reduce costs, and still support new revenue generation. While it has arguably become simpler to grow revenue through entering new international markets from a business development perspective, it makes the A/R and treasury teams’ jobs more complicated. Especially right now.

Surprisingly, one of the hardest things for a business to do when expanding internationally is simply getting paid from a global customer base. Fragmented systems and fast-moving regulations that differ per region require considerable time, money, and other resources to navigate.

Most teams struggle to manage it all - setting up new payment providers and banking relationships, localizing invoices, not to mention tracking geo-political instability and FX risk in every new country - including tricky markets.

Join Flywire to learn how to overcome these challenges, and gain insights into augmenting your A/R workflow with cross-border payment automation and how it can help you drive business outcomes.

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