Once-in-a-Lifetime Travel Experiences: The Arctic & Antarctic

Ryan O'Regan
Ryan O'Regan
is Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Flywire

Social distancing and travel bans have us itching to explore like never before. When we’re finally able to hop on a plane again, not just any trip will do.

So we’re spending our time indoors indulging our wanderlust with thoughts of future travel plans. First up: adventures in the arctic and antarctic.

Arctic Kingdom MICHELLE VALBERG_AK_narwhal

These polar locations are filled with seemingly magical adventures unlike anything you can experience elsewhere—and it’s not all snow and ice! Here are five once-in-a-lifetime experiences to dream about during quarantine, and some world class operators you can book them with now.

1) Photograph a Narwhal

Yep, they’re real. These arctic whales’ single tusks give them the appearance of a magical creature, but you can find them year-round if you know where to look. Don’t believe us? Arctic Kingdom can take you there and let you get photographic evidence for yourself! But that’s not the only “magical” experience Arctic Kingdom can show you. With polar bear cubs, north pole cruises, and nearly endless summer days, you’ll forget about quarantine in no time.

Arctic Kingdom MICHELLE VALBERG_AK_narwhal

2) Traverse the Tundra by Bike, Helicopter, and ATV

There are so many ways to explore the arctic, but biking is one of the most fun. Weber Arctic will give you the instruction and gear you need to see the amazing natural beauty of the arctic from every angle, including wildlife like muskoxen and arctic foxes. But biking doesn’t need to be your only mode of transportation. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore by helicopter, kayak, and ATV. Talk about an action-packed vacation!

3) Experience the Northern Lights from Bed

You’re already eager to get out of your own house, but once you view the aurora borealis from bed at Sheldon Chalet, you’ll really never want to go home. Sneak away to this retreat 6000 feet towards the heavens for incredible experiences, food, and service.

4) Watch Baby Penguins Take Their First Steps

Witnessing penguin chicks taking their first steps off their parents’ feet is something you won’t soon forget. Jet off to Antarctica in a Gulfstream private jet with White Desert for a truly unique experience. This is one of the greatest—and yet least observed—wildlife events on the planet and you’ll be right in the middle of it. Return to your campsite to enjoy divine drinks, delicious food and warm hospitality from the White Desert Team.

5) Snorkel Between Two Continents

Not sure which continent to hit next? Maybe find somewhere in between! Iceland’s Silfra Fissure is between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and offers unforgettable snorkeling. Head over to Arctic Adventures and book a snorkeling experience, an ice cave visit, or a Viking sushi tour. Iceland is filled with adventure!

Remember: every day is one day closer to your next adventure!