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How AI and machine learning are enabling personalized patient experiences in healthcare

The impact of AI and machine learning on patient experiences and healthcare strategy

Incorporating AI and machine learning into revenue cycle management improves healthcare business outcomes.

Read more about how AI is changing future revenue cycle decisions.

Personalization has been a boon for organizations looking to develop deeper connections with their customers, helping create more “human” experiences across multiple channels and buying stages.

Learn more about how personalization impacts patient affordability.

How Flywire is helping healthcare firms harness the power of AI and machine learning

LifeBridge Health has seen a 19.6% decrease in bad debt expense since implementing Flywire's digital patient engagement solution.

See what LifeBridge says about modernizing the patient financial experience.

How accounts receivable and digital payments are helping B2B companies adapt and grow

The impact of accounts receivables and digital payments on B2B strategy

A streamlined, growth-optimized payment process has long been a proven customer growth engine in B2C and D2C orgs. Is transforming their accounts receivable process a secret weapon for growth-focused exec teams?

Learn more about how B2B companies are using accounts receivable to help grow their business.

Keeping talent is high on the list of priorities for accounting and finance teams. Could automating more of the accounts receivable process help with employee retention?

Read more about the link between a finance digitalization strategy and retention.

How Flywire is helping B2B companies utilize accounts receivable and digital payments

Basis Technologies eased cross-border payments and domestic credit card processing for its clients with Flywire.

Read about how Flywire helped Basis Technologies with domestic, B2B credit card payments.

Flywire combines a next-generation payment platform with a global payment network and industry-specific expertise to deliver value for a range of clients.

Learn how Flywire differs from payment processors.

How digital payment technology simplifies education payments for students and institutions

The impact of new payment technology on students and institutions

Alignment on priorities between IT and the bursar's office early on in a payment technology integration projects contributes to success.

Learn how earlier IT involvement can simplify payment integration.

A difficult education payment process can affect not only the student experience, but also a student’s ability to stay enrolled at an institution. Here are the steps you can take to develop and implement a seamless education payment process for your students.

Read about the 4 ways to make education payments easier for students.

How Flywire is helping higher education institutions streamline student payments

Hult International Business School partnered with Flywire to implement an innovative, easy-to-use solution that streamlined the tuition payment process and better serves its large international student population.

Learn how Flywire helped Hult innovate international student payments.

Flywire helps University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) to provide international students an easier way to pay their tuition online without carrying large amounts of cash.

Learn how Flywire helped UTK accelerate cash flows and speed operations.

How travel companies can use new payment technology to gain a competitive advantage

The impact of new payment solutions and innovations on DMCs

DMCs are partnering with payment specialists to implement new technology and innovative payment processing solutions.

Read about the 4 ways DMCs can gain a competitive advantage through their payment experience.

How Flywire enables travel companies to cut costs and meet global traveler needs

Today’s global traveler demands a simple and convenient payment experience when booking a trip. Operators need to be ready to accept credit cards, digital wallets and other local payment methods at competitive rates, in order to remain competitive.

Read about how Flywire helps reduce costs when accepting travel payments.