The ROI of an All-in-One AR Strategy

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What’s the cost of your AR inefficiencies? What’s the real value of automating & digitizing reconciliation? According to our research, 1 in 4 finance leaders believe their company loses up to 10% of revenue due to time wasted with operational inefficiency with payment processing.

A new, holistic approach to AR is revolutionizing finance and treasury management. With an all-in-one AR strategy, your team can expedite the traditionally time-consuming processes of invoicing, managing a payment network, chasing down payments, and more. The companies that are making this strategic shift to streamline and digitize these disparate systems and processes into a single solution are seeing a big impact.

The truth is in the numbers.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • New survey results: the top challenges that finance and treasury teams are tackling
  • The evolving landscape for payments and receivables
  • What is an all-in-one AR strategy
  • How to calculate ROI

Ryan Frere, EVP & GM, B2B
Lucy Cano, Sr. Manager, Customer Success, B2B

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