What Patients Are Saying

In any industry, what your customer’s have to say about you matters. Simplee has case studies, customer testimonials, OnDemand webinars, and independent research studies that prove the dramatic impact we have on a health system’s bottom line and the glowing reception we’ve received from our customers. In most industries, you could stop there. But, as everyone knows, healthcare is a unique animal. And there’s a voice in healthcare that matters just as much (some would say more) than what our customers are saying about Simplee: their patients.

More patients use Simplee than any other patient financial engagement platform in the world, so we feel a great responsibility to make sure that we’re in-tune with their needs.

As an ongoing series, we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight what patients are saying about us, about our customers, and about what they expect from the healthcare industry at large. On most quotes, additional commentary is provided.

As alway, all quotes are authentic and taken from automatic surveys Simplee conducts right after a patient has used the platform.

Methodist Health Patient:
“We are a multi-million $ medical family, with our 11-year old son being a Patient ID in 12 different hospitals in over 8 different states. This, by far, has been the easiest, most accurate and problem-free billing experience in over 7 years of handling his cancer billing across all institutions. Whoever oversaw this implementation should receive many kudos.”

This might be the most loved quote in the Simplee office. It continually comes up in a lot of our meetings. It exemplifies the reasoning behind almost everything that we do. It’s why we founded the field of patient financial engagement in the first place, to put a spotlight on the financial care side of the healthcare industry and how a good experience on that side of the house makes such a big difference to families who are already going through so much. For those who don’t know the story, the idea behind Simplee was hatched when our founder Tomer Shoval and his family fell ill on vacation. They not only had to deal with the woes from a ruined family trip and failing health, but also the stress and ugliness of an overly complicated and inaccurate billing process. After all the strain that he and his family were put through, he began to think, if he and his family are going through this, what are families already rocked by chronic illness and other adverse conditions having to experience?

AdventHealth Patient:
“I am very grateful that you have allowed… payments on my multiple accounts over the past year. This is very helpful financially.”

Another quote highlighting the usefulness of consolidated billing. We get these a lot. Patients want the ease, clarity, and organization of a single number. It’s easier for them to understand and easier for them to budget for. Digitally forward patient financial engagement platforms give health systems the unique opportunity to address this need.

Mosaic Life Care Patient:
“Thanks! My payment experience (best ever) matches the care we received (absolutely exemplary)…”

At Simplee we believe that Clinical Care + Financial Care= Patient Care and that if a health system keeps that formula as a guiding principle of everything that they do then they will have healthier, happier patients willing to sing their praises from the mountaintops.

If you’d like to read more about what our patients are saying, you can view our Happy Patients page on the website here. You’ll find quotes chosen from millions of engaged patients. You can also check out more of our “What Our Patients Are Saying” series here.