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  • Offer your guests the ability to make carbon removal contributions when they make their payment; or, businesses can choose to make contributions directly on their guests' behalf
  • Receive a custom impact report at the end of each fiscal year to understand the positive effect on the environment
  • Demonstrate measurable impact aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)

Tomorrow's Air has ordered more than 200t of carbon dioxide for permanent storage, and supported more than 10,000 travelers to date.

Learn more about our solution and how to easily implement it today.

What is carbon dioxide removal?

Carbon dioxide removal means taking excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it away long-term, ultimately helping to restore our climate.

What is Tomorrow's Air?

Tomorrow’s Air is a global collective educating about sustainable travel and funding climate technology solution innovators.

What partners say

  • As an organization we are committed to continually developing our sustainable tourism programs and initiatives. Partnering with Tomorrow’s Air gives our guests the opportunity to be active participants in exciting new climate change solutions, while still getting to do what they love.

    Kate EvansSales and Reservations Manager, Bella Coola Heli Sports and Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
  • At kimkim, we’re passionate about the positive social and economic impacts that travel generates in our destinations—but we also recognize that travel contributes to climate change. Our partnership with Tomorrow’s Air helps us magnify our impact through the permanent removal and storage of carbon dioxide and climate-conscious travel education. We’re excited to be part of a global community helping to scale up new technologies that will be necessary alongside natural solutions for carbon removal.

    Eric ChamberlainHead of Destination Development, kimkim
  • We’re thrilled to team up with Tomorrow’s Air because of the way it inspires and educates travelers while also empowering them to take a tangible action - purchase some carbon removal through direct air capture - alongside the educational component. Humanity can solve the climate crisis but it takes bold initiatives like this to make that change happen.

    Hearts in the Ice Team, Citizen scientists and first women to overwinter in the Arctic
  • As someone who has worked on environmental issues for many years through my work in tourism and conservation, I understand that to scale, solutions need passionate communities behind them. Tomorrow’s Air is uniquely bringing this to the field of carbon removal with permanent storage.

    Amit SankhalaOwner, Encounters Asia

    Measurable impact, aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    Flywire and Tomorrow’s Air measure progress according to a simple set of indicators; your participation will align your business with key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Helpful resources for travel businesses

    For businesses working on their sustainability and climate strategies, the following resources may be useful:

    • In its “Blueprint For Corporate Action on Climate and Nature” WWF focuses on the actions that can underpin a truly effective, holistic corporate strategy for mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting nature.
    • This guide offers a summary of key concepts such as what is meant by Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions and ‘net zero’ along with clear discussion of a range of climate action strategies and links to examples from leading companies such as Intrepid and The Travel Corporation who are already well down the path.
    • The Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting describe how to approach climate strategy to help achieve a net zero society, emphasizing a shift to long-lived carbon dioxide storage and increasing use of removals.

    Act now

    Wherever your company is on its sustainability journey, you can start making a meaningful difference for climate today.

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