Seamless payments for your guests. Simple processes for you.

Flywire gives your guests a safe and intuitive way to pay, so you can focus on giving them and unforgettable experience.

Learn how Flywire becomes an extension of your hospitality to improve your guests’ experience and your bottom line.

Our free solution eliminates payment challenges like wire and merchant fees while building efficiencies into your international payment process.

Request payment

Request payment

Guest books their stay and receives payment information.

Guest pays

Guest pays

Guest locks in exchange rate and pays in their local currency via credit card, bank transfer, etc.



Flywire or its local licensed partner receives payment and processes foreign exchange.

Deposit and reconciliation

Deposit and reconciliation

Funds are deposited into your account and payment is automatically reconciled.

"We started using Flywire about one year ago and we are very satisfied with the experience.
The payment experience for clients and the invoicing platform are very easy to use...the funds are always transferred back to our bank account on time."
Yesica Muñoz Sanchez, Owner, MS Homestays

Eliminate fees

Flywire allows you to optimize your profits and get 100% of the amount invoiced—and you can issue invoices in the currency of your choice. We remove unexpected bank and international wire fees, and we give you the option to eliminate merchant fees that you incur. Plus, our custom portal captures payer information, so you don’t have to worry about unidentified or short-balance payments. We also offer a best price guarantee—because, like you, we’re committed to providing an incredible experience for guests.

Elevate the guest experience

Extend the reach of the guest experience to payments by providing choice, convenience, and support to your guests through Flywire. Our solution enables your guests to pay in their local currency, and provides them with competitive exchange rates. And guests have access to our live support for real-time help for their payments.

Reduce back-office work

Our free innovative solution makes office operations more efficient and allows you to stay focused on providing the best guest services. We help you streamline the invoicing process, and your Flywire administrative dashboard enables easy and automatic identification, matching, and tracking of payments.

And it’s easy to use!

Flywire’s comprehensive suite of products offers travel providers—like OTAs, travel agencies, meta search providers, and more—a one-stop shop where they can receive and manage payments, deliver invoices and statements, and easily collect commissions from a multitude of suppliers.

Flywire's travel clients include:

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