Around the Globe - Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

When it comes to EI&D the learning is never done. FlyMates (Flywire employees) take great pride in continuous improvement to ensure we’re creating the best possible environment for our employees all around the world.

In addition to our inclusive People and Culture team, we have an employee-led resource group (ERG), FlyMates First, dedicated specifically to promoting our EI&D mission.

FlyMates also take part in the other ERGs offered, including Flywire Pride, Women of Flywire, FlyBLACK, and Flywire Globals. These communities offer safe spaces for FlyMates to come together, connect around shared interests, and foster meaningful conversations.

As our ERGs evolve and mature, they will continue to provide opportunities for FlyMates to enhance allyship and advocacy for underrepresented and historically marginalized communities, both with our FlyMates and in the communities we live and work. Foster a more inclusive culture through activities that promote cultural and diversity awareness. Support professional development and contribute to improving workplace challenges or policies.

Below you’ll find videos of four FlyMates speaking about our ERGs and what it means to be part of them. We hope this gives you a better look inside Flywire.