Visiting the Office as a Remote Intern! (finally)

Per my last blog post- I finally was able to walk to work on a warm Boston summer morning, entering the ever so modern building and sitting down at a desk with tasks ready for me to go! It was honestly such a great feeling to throw on a sundress and put on a little make up- basically look a little more presentable than just a normal Google Hangout meeting.

Upon walking into the office I realized I walked past it almost every day since I moved to Boston as it is right across the street from the famous Boston Common. I strolled in and met my manager of a few months, Sam, for the first time! It is crazy to think we have known each other all this time and finally met in person a few months later. We first took my temperature right at the entryway and sanitized our hands ( #COVID-19 things).

Sam then gave me a tour of the all three floors through the kitchen, to the ping pong table, and phone booths- all while wearing masks and following the FlyPaths of course!

Flywire Office signs

The office was everything I imagined and more: modern, open, clean, and bright. However, the best part is the view. The entire day I could not stop looking out the window at the beautiful Common in front of me, the State House to my left, the skyline of Back Bay, all while overlooking Beacon Hill. If you love Boston as much as me, you would be shocked how incredible it is from the view up there- arguably the best in Boston.

View from the Flywire office

I was so happy to finally sit at a desk in the Flywire office and have a normal(ish) day in the life of a FlyMate!