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With Flywire, managing FX isn't complex, and payments are secure and reliable for everyone.

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Flywire can help your company:

  • Accept and process cross-border payments easily, in 240+ countries and 140 currencies, without assuming FX risk
  • Reduce bank and card fees
  • Expand to new countries without opening bank accounts
  • Reduce DSO with faster settlement times, automated matching capabilities
  • Surface strategic insights from international A/R transaction data

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Elio Perez

Chief Operating Officer, Best Doctors Insurance

Why is Elio a hero?

With Flywire, BDI has integrated multiple payment methods including card, bank transfers and alternative payment methods to automatically post back into their finance system of record. Not only are they seeing cost savings, they're also seeing significant operational efficiency gains as well.

Maria Mutter

Controller, Basis Technologies

Why is Maria a hero?

With Flywire, Maria reduced DSO for international payments, saves 10 hours weekly on manual credit card processing, and doubled the volume of digital payments into Basis in the few months after launch.

Learn more about Basis Technologies.

Mike Strope

Executive Vice President, Marsh Shipping Supply Company

Why is Mike a hero?

With Flywire, Mike has more confidence to continue MSSC's international expansion, because they're spending less on intermediary bank fees and getting paid faster to release shipments days earlier.

Learn more about MSSC.

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