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Simplifies tuition payments for international and domestic students

EADA Business School is an international business school located in Barcelona. Founded in 1957, it was one of the first Spanish institutions to run manager training programs for the business community. EADA prides itself on its modern approach to business education and a great capacity to adapt to change — just as its graduates need to do in the world of business. Its program offering is committed to the principles of innovation, sustainability, and leadership, and today ranks in the top 30 in the Financial Times Business Schools in Europe.

The student body reflects its principles and ambitions, attracting candidates from 55 different countries pursuing 72 programs of study.


With its diverse international student body comes the challenge of managing payments from different countries and in a range of currencies. This created difficulties assuring convenient payment options to candidates from certain regions, especially in Latin America, where EADA draws many students from. International bank transfers could be lengthy and bureaucratic, andcandidates often faced high transaction fees, not to mention the challenges involved with reconciling those payments for the admissions and finance teams at the school.

120K+graduate alumni
55countries represented
72programs of study


EADA was familiar with Flywire from its work with other education institutions across Europe. The fact that Flywire was the trusted choice for so many reputable schools with whom EADA shared credentials and quality standards was a big plus. This is one of the reasons why EADA turned to Flywire for cross-border and EUR domestic payment processing. With Flywire, EADA is now able to provide its students with a convenient, digital payment option for both domestic and international education expenses. This allows students and their families to pay anytime online by simply selecting their preferred local currency and payment method.

Flywire also streamlines the reconciliation process for all payments received. With everything on a single platform, the admissions and finance teams now have total visibility into all inbound payments coming through Flywire whether they are online or via bank transfer.

EADA was also able to reduce inquiries and increase staff productivity by taking advantage of Flywire’s multilingual support staff to handle any payment-related questions from students.

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Secure global payments processing of hundreds of transactions from more than 22 countries in 16 currencies
Payment convenience & ease streamlines the process for students and school finance staff
Increased student satisfaction with convenient, local payment options and reduced transaction costs
Around-the-clock multilingual support reduces inbound inquiries to drive staff productivity

To date, Flywire has securely processed hundreds of payment transactions from more than 22 countries in 16 different currencies for EADA. Many of those payments are coming from countries in Latin America, including Peru, Colombia and Chile which previously had created challenges for students. But not with Flywire.

What has impressed EADA the most about Flywire is the simplicity and intuitiveness of the payment process. They also appreciate the fast and effective response of Flywire’s support team, something they believe is a competitive advantage in attracting students.

“There is a real sense of confidence for students making payments and our finance staff managing them inbound,” said Daniel Pujol, Associate Director of Admissions, Online Education for EADA. “Our payment process used to require a lot of heavy interaction with the students. Now it is much more straightforward.”

Flywire has helped EADA’s admissions team and the school itself become more agile, according to Pujol, both in the way they build relationships and provide services to their clients, and support their own internal administrative processes.

Flywire makes education payments simple and fast. In today’s fast paced world, any additional time required to manage the payment process creates a barrier for the student.

Daniel PujolAssociate Director of Admissions, Online Education
Associate Director of Admissions, Online Education

Learn how Flywire simplifies tuition payments for international and domestic students