[Case Study] Memorial Hermann

Predictive analytics
Driving delight (and payments)

Patient financial care building competitive advantage

Executive Summary

Memorial Hermann leadership wanted to make revenue cycle consumer friendly and affordable. Predictive analytics and proactive communication match patient needs to personalized offers. Proven success over three years driving higher patient satisfaction and financial performance.

Financial Impact

52%increase in digital self-service (’14 vs. ‘16 post service)
15%increase in total collections (’14 vs. ‘16 post service)
19%decrease in cost per payment (’14 vs. ‘16 post service)

Patient Impact

We have elevated billing from a source of frustration to a satisfaction driver.

Chief Financial Officer - Memorial Hermann
Chief Financial Officer - Memorial Hermann

Happier patients

They were very willing to help me establish a payment plan that worked for me

– Patient, Memorial Hermann

I am very happy the chance to pay monthly has been added so patients aren’t turned over to collections so fast

– Patient, Memorial Hermann

For a 68 year old woman, this is convenient.

– Patient, Memorial Hermann

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to not only pay but set up a payment plan

– Patient, Memorial Hermann

Simplicity. And I get to pay what I can afford…per month

– Patient, Memorial Hermann

I like the way a payment plan was easy to set up. I based my payments on when funds arrive in my HSA account.

– Patient, Memorial Hermann

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