Meet our travel payments experts: Annie Galvin

Managing travel payments is complex. Flywire’s client success team plays a big part in helping clients make it look easy. In this series, we’ll help you get to know the people behind processing your payments – the ones you can expect to see and talk to (yes, you read that right).

Can’t get anybody at your current provider to answer your travel payments question? Annie is here.

Let’s get to know Annie Galvin, who is the Senior Manager, Client Success and Operations, dedicated to travel clients.

She has worked at Flywire for over 5 years.

Tell us about yourself. I am originally from Newport, Rhode Island, and I currently live in Brooklyn, in New York City.

What do you think makes for a good client success professional? Client success professionals are very dynamic, because our days are very different from day to day. It’s really important to have strong communication with your clients and also internally. It's not unusual for us to hop on the phone or help out a payer directly if they're having issues. It's really important to make sure the guest experience is great from payment to the time that they are at the travel operator, accommodation or whatever travel experience they're going on.

What is something unique that Flywire solves for travel clients? We're constantly listening to our clients and incorporating their feedback onto our product roadmap. One thing that's been a really great product change that we've taken directly from feedback is installment functionality for payment requests. With invoicing in travel, clients often get paid two different times – the deposit and then the balance payment. With the installment functionality, they're able to basically set those installments and forget about it. Flywire will send automatic reminders to their payers and let them know they need to make the payment. And we implemented that change based on direct feedback from our clients, which is really cool to see actually come to life.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to? My favorite place I've traveled to with Flywire was actually a trip that I took with my fellow client success manager, Jack Palley. We drove from Calgary through British Columbia, to Vancouver. I think my favorite place that I've traveled to personally is Paris. It holds a lot of sentimental value, and I just love breakfast pastries. And the place where I can have croissants and baguettes anytime I want is for me.

And where are you excited to go next? I’m most excited for an upcoming trip to South Africa next! I’ll be heading there for a couple of conferences and client visits with some colleagues. I’m excited to get to meet our clients there in person for the first time and to do some sightseeing around Cape Town.

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