Annual Luxury Travel Report: What the most discerning travelers want

For the third year in a row, luxury travelers have said they are planning to take longer vacations and spend more on them too. There is a generational divide emerging, with more Gen Z/Millennial travelers planning to increase their spend than Boomers. And this divide spans a whole host of plans and preferences.

Based on a survey of nearly 700 luxury travelers in the U.S., this must-read report aims to give travel operators, accommodation providers, Destination Management Companies and travel agents an understanding of how the plans and preferences of luxury travelers are evolving and how they could impact the travel sector.

Read the report to learn:

  • How Gen Z/Millennials, Gen X and Boomers differ in their travel plans and preferences
  • How luxury travelers view and value travel agents/advisors and how they feel about the use of AI
  • What plans luxury travelers have for their vacations in 2024 and what they think about group travel
  • The top concerns luxury travelers have when it comes to payments

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