Embracing change: Ways to navigate legislative impact on collections

Are you ready? Big changes are coming in how higher education institutions can collect unpaid debt, with anticipated legislative action in states like California (AB 1160) likely to have ripple effects across the country. As an industry, we need to be forward thinking, anticipate the impacts change may bring to campuses, and together find innovative ways to navigate the road ahead.

Check out an informative review of recent legislation and observations by Bryan Dickson, Director of Student Financial Services and Educational Programs at NACUBO that highlight what you need to know. This is followed by a panel discussion on ways leading institutions like Texas A&M University, University of Northern Colorado and University of Pittsburgh are embracing change to get ahead of the collections game by taking proactive steps to collect on past-due accounts and reduce agency collections.

Questions explored during this session include:

  • How will anticipated changes impact today's campus?
  • What current policies and practices may need to change?
  • What tools are needed to continue protecting schools?
  • How will staffing and processes be impacted?

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