Better together:
Flywire and Ellucian

Flywire and Ellucian's partnership improves the payment experience for students and families, and delivers operational efficiencies for higher education institutions.

Seamless Integrations and a Better Payment Experience

More than 2,700 colleges and universities worldwide rely on Ellucian's ERP and SIS systems for everything from managing business workflows to improving the student experience. With Flywire’s direct integrations with Banner and Colleague - including via Ethos and the Ellucian Payment Service - institutions can accelerate the implementation process to provide a more engaging and flexible payment experience for students and families.

Integration benefits include:

  • Easy reconciliation and tracking of student payments and payment plans
  • Real-time data flow between Ellucian and Flywire
  • Access to Flywire’s global payment network, which provides numerous payment options in 140+ currencies across 240+ countries and territories
  • Proven cost savings and reduced burden on staff

With Flywire’s new, custom-built middleware, institutions now have a simple way to connect to Flywire’s Payment solution or Student Financial Software, enabling finance teams to streamline the billing and payment process for both current and past-due students. Whether you need a payments partner, or an all-in-one student financial software to manage the entire student journey, Flywire has you covered.

Learn more about our integrations

Banner | Student Financial Software

Banner | Payments

Colleague | Student Financial Software

Colleague | Payments

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Ellucian Partner of the Year for Integration Excellence

Flywire is thrilled to be named the 2022 Ellucian Partner of the Year for Integration Excellence. Flywire’s award-winning integrations with Ellucian are part of our enhanced partnership that improves the payment experience for students, and delivers operational efficiencies for higher education institutions around the world.

“The Flywire and Ellucian teams have been working closely together to deliver an improved integration and an innovative customer experience," says Zach Tussing, Director of Partnerships, Ellucian. "Flywire’s powerful global payments network and payments software, integrated with Ellucian’s suite of products, will deliver significant improvements for institutions around the world."

The Trusted Choice for Higher Education Institutions

  • Using Flywire to post payments to Banner has changed the way we do business. Flywire helped us solve a major pain point…payment identification. This not only saves us a lot of time, but also eases the process for our students and families.

    Janet A. HicksUniversity of South Florida
    University of South Florida
  • Flywire was the easiest implementation. It has made a huge difference for our international students because we were able to move them to a safe, secure payment method. They can now seamlessly pay from their home country, making the process much simpler for us, our students and their parents.

    University of Tennessee Knoxville
    University of Tennessee Knoxville logo
  • Flywire has been so responsive from the very beginning. I have never had a partner be so easy to work with and really, truly want to know what changes would make our lives easier.

    Geri LandwehrUniversity of Northern Colorado
    University of Northern Colorado

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