Offer flexible payment options that make education costs more manageable for students and families.

Flywire helps make education more attractive and affordable by bridging the growing gap between available financial aid and rising tuition costs. Our traditional and on-demand payment plan options automate the payment process while enabling students to budget tuition, fees, and other expenses over time.

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Flywire streamlines the payment plan process by enabling you to:

Easily set up, manage, and track traditional and on-demand payment plans
Allow multiple authorized parties to make payments on student accounts
Provide flexible domestic and international options, such as ACH, credit card, or debit card payments
Proactively monitor accounts and engage payers to help increase timely payment
Streamline operations via self-service account access, reporting, and transaction processing

Streamline your payment plans

Does your current solution provide payment plan options?

Payment plans through Flywire's education solution are designed to fully accommodate the needs of domestic and international payers, offering traditional and on-demand plan options that help make education costs more manageable. Flywire has your students covered, whether they are local and want to use recurring card payments, or from Shanghai and want to have family members contribute via Alipay.

Would you like more flexibility setting up and managing payment plans?

Flywire empowers your staff to negotiate personalized repayment terms for students and their families, based on rules you establish. For over-payments and other adjustments, students are also able to self-serve with automatic plan rebalancing, payment card updates and more. Flywire also provides the flexibility for your staff to pause or customize individual payment plans to ease financial pressure on students and families.

Are you subject to compliance regulations when family members want to make payments?

With Flywire, students can authorize individuals to access and pay on their behalf in a fully Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant manner. Our payment plans make it possible not only for students to invite family members and others to contribute to education costs, but also for your staff to easily see and set up multiple plans to support unique financial situations.

Are you providing a seamless payment experience across all devices?

With Flywire, your domestic and international students can use any device to seamlessly make and track payments anytime and from anywhere. Your staff can also use our automated communication hub to deliver customized, impactful messages that promote self-service and help increase timely payment.

Do you know where your payments are?

With Flywire’s real-time, online tracking, you’ll never be left wondering where your funds are. It is now easier than ever to set up payment plans, implement budget-to-actual plans, and reach students before they miss a payment. We work with you to keep students on track and enrolled.

Delivering world-class results

50%increase in plan enrollment
24x7self-service account access
Up to 40%reduction in call volume

Experience the Difference:

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The availability of payment plans as well as implementation scope and timing varies by geographic location.