Banner Health’s path to a better patient financial experience

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85%monthly payment plans created online
$10.7Mincrease in pre-service payments in the first 4 months
89%post-service payments self-served

It starts with that patient experience. If we create a poor patient experience, or a patient doesn’t feel like we’re being flexible or helpful, or we create a bad debt situation, we risk losing patients to our competing health systems. Having these tools in place to create a friendly environment for the patient financial experience is absolutely critical.

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Explore how Flywire helped Banner Health modernize their financial experience

In the first four months of us implementing Flywire in our pre-service operations, we saw an increase of $10 million in our collections.

Building a modern post-service journey

Flywire has enabled us to be more modern in the way that we work with our patients.

Read the Banner Health case study

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