[Case Study] AdventHealth

Empowering patients
+ lowering cost

Providing a self service experience that patients love

Post service case study

AdventHealth transformed its patient financial care experience by growing self-service payments by 81% and wowing their customers in the process.

Financial Impact

28%Lower use of early out (Dec ’16 vs Dec ’17)
33%Increase in self-service payments (since launch)
83%Growth in self-service payments (Dec ’16 vs Dec ’17)

Patient Impact

We are competing for the patient’s attention in a really big way. Flywire is our consumer partner with unique expertise and technology to engage patients and enable payment.

Happier Patients

I LOVE the consolidated billing! It came promptly & I didn’t get a run of bills for months and months.

– Patient, AdventHealth

So dang easy…. LOVE it

– Patient, AdventHealth

Much easier with the payment option connected to an access code vs. having to log in through my health account. That latter system needs a lot of work …..

– Patient, AdventHealth

It’s a great portal. It’s been the easiest payment experience for hospital bills in my life.

– Patient, AdventHealth

I am very grateful that you have allowed… payments on my multiple accounts over the past year. This is very helpful financially.

– Patient, AdventHealth

As pleasant as paying a bill can be!

– Patient, AdventHealth

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