[Case Study] AdventHealth pre-service

Shifting the patient financial conversation to pre-service

Nearly 50 hospitals in 9 states • More than 5 million patients annually • Cerner EHR

AdventHealth is transforming the way that patients interact with their healthcare bills by providing a consumer-oriented experience that starts at pre-service. By partnering with Simplee, AdventHealth engages patients ahead of their appointment with a personalized cost estimate that provides pricing transparency and enables convenient pre-service payments.

The Results

41%increase in overall collections
~$450average payment (4x post-service payment)
8%decrease in no shows
64Net Promoter Score (3x the healthcare average)

The Challenge

Patients have become increasingly responsible for the cost of their healthcare and they want to understand their bills prior to care. AdventHealth wanted to challenge the status quo of healthcare by providing a personalized experience that is centered around the consumer.

Consumers Are Unaware of Costs
93% of consumers were surprised by a medical bill last year

Consumers Want to Know Their Responsibility
88% of consumers want to know their payment responsibility upfront

Consumers Want Estimates Online
81% of consumers want an online estimation tool for provider visits

One of the most important things to the consumer is receiving an estimate of their care bill that takes into account their individual insurance coverage and tailors it to their experience.

The Solution

AdventHealth engages patients earlier —before they even set foot in their provider’s office— with automated appointment reminders, a check-in process that provides estimates for their visit, and prompts to make an initial payment.

Address Affordability
Provide cost estimates and payment options personalized to the individual

Increase pre-service collection
Capture revenue earlier and minimize future outstanding accounts receivable

Streamlined Check In
Automated estimation and payment process save time for staff and convenience for patients

Happier patients

Nice to know ahead of time what the charges will be. Nice to pay now rather than at the appointment.

– Patient, AdventHealth

It’s great to have a costestimate going in, and the ease of paying is an added benefit.

– Patient, AdventHealth

Love, love, love being able to understand what my bill will be BEFORE my appointment!

– Patient, AdventHealth

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