[Case Study] Mosaic increases self-service payments by 81%

Retail-like experience wins

Based in St. Joseph, MO • 4 hospital system • Cerner EHR

Recognizing that the patient financial experience is at the heart of the revenue cycle, Mosaic’s vision is to provide all patients access to a payment portal, the ability to view their bills, and a friction-free experience to set up a payment plan. Simplee was the exact experience Mosaic envisioned for engaging their patients—no other solution was as simple and clear—and they have seen a dramatic improvement in their patient financial experience.

Financial Impact

52%payment plans originate online
60%payments via mobile device
81%Increase in self-service payments

Patient Impact

Everything we’re doing is to be the trailblazer for the patient experience. Flywire has been an integral partner in that journey.

Happier patients

Mosaic makes it very easy to maintain insurance and patient payments. So glad to be able to pay online.

– Mosaic Life Care patient

Simple to use, much better than most healthcare! Will be switching to paperless to be even more streamlined and save some paper and resources!

– Mosaic Life Care patient

Easy to use and it is great to have a friendly reminder to make a payment.

– Mosaic Life Care patient

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