Delivering with Confidence: Drive International Student Enrollment in South Africa

The appearance of COVID-19 has introduced a range of uncertainties and obstacles that present significant challenges to universities, students and families planning for the 2020/2021 academic year. This month, we brought together a panel to discuss best practices and flexible solutions to retain and drive international student enrollment.

Hailing from Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK, our panel discussed how to successfully:
• Develop effective student enrollment strategies
• Add education agents into the recruitment mix
• Ensure a seamless, secure payment process

St. Clair College

Flywire client since 2020


Nathaniel Veltkamp, Manager, International Recruitment & Project Development

Who is St. Clair College?

St. Clair College
is “the place to start your journey in pursuit of your career and lifelong learning.” Their population of 12,500 full-time students includes 5,200 international students from 60+ countries.

How do they attract international students?

St. Clair College focuses on highlighting the culture, community and multicultural opportunities that their campus and location provide. Beyond their pool of full-time students, they boast a strong post-secondary community with over 30,000 college and university students annually. They attract students with their excellent practical experiential learning and networking opportunities, hosted in one of Canada’s most diverse cities.

Ivy Overseas

Flywire client since 2020

Bongarala Sri giri Srinivasa Rao, Managing Director, Ivy Overseas

Who is Ivy Overseas?

Ivy Overseas
a team of talented education agents who have placed thousands of students in education programs abroad.

How do they recommend institutions attract international students?

In a word? Agents. Agents are the best way for your institution to scale international recruitment. Working with a team of dedicated, qualified education agents who know the market and student preferences is a much quicker way to grow than opening up offices in every region of the world. Their ability to offer personal guidance to students and their families, typically in-person, creates a level of trust that would be impossible for an institution to provide to every prospective applicant.

Swiss Education Group

Flywire client since 2019


Judy Goddard, Student Ambassador
Brandon Clifford, Student Ambassador

Who is Swiss Education Group?

The Swiss Education Group
(SEG) is the Swiss alliance of hospitality management schools, made up of five schools across six beautiful campuses. Their student body boasts 111 nationalities and 6,000 students.

How do they recommend institutions attract international students?

Besides the undeniable beauty of Switzerland, SEG uses their extensive list of industry partners and active alumni network to attract international hospitality students. This community helps them recruit students from all over the world. SEG is also looking to partner with South Africa education institutions for exchange programs.

How to Drive International Student Enrollment in South Africa:

  • Institutions should take a holistic approach in recruiting international students from diverse backgrounds
  • The effective use of education agents means more international student numbers
  • If your institution wants to attract more international students, you need to ensure a smooth digital payment process for what is considered one of life’s most important moments. Amid COVID-19 uncertainties, digital payment options provide seamless convenience for students taking classes online away from campus.
  • Offering flexible payment plan options to international students helps address the affordability crisis alongside growing financial concerns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Flywire Payment Plans: Make education more attractive and affordable by flexibly bridging the gap between financial aid and rising tuition costs. Even better, international payment methods are now available.
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