Self-Pay for International Patients

Flywire helps healthcare providers process global payments from patients in 200+ countries

Why Flywire?

Each year, approximately 11 million patients worldwide seek affordable, high-quality healthcare treatments outside of their home country. Free to healthcare providers, Flywire’s cross-border payment solution is simple, transparent, and secure, enabling patients to focus on healing and providers to focus on care.


Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Maximize yield while improving the experience for international patients.
  • Eliminate manual payment matching and posting with comprehensive reporting.
  • View incoming payments from around the globe in real-time.
  • Implementation is simple and takes only a few days (no IT required!).

Benefits for International Patients

  • Range of payment options (online, credit & debit, wires) in local currencies.
  • Quick, reliable, secure payment delivery with no intermediary fees.
  • 24/7 payment tracking (online & mobile).
  • Multilingual customer support via phone, chat and email.

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How it works


Patient books payment in their home currency


Flywire receives payment and performs currency conversion


Flywire sends funds to your institution via batch disbursements

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What customers are saying...

“It was very timely and convenient as it saved me a lot of stress sending money from Africa. And the online chat makes it fantastic.”
Femi from Nigeria