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OnPlan Health is Flywire's full-service patient billing and payment solution that is changing the way hospitals engage, interact and collect from patients.

The patient as the new payer

High deductible health plans have defined a new classification of patient: those who are willing to pay for their medical expenses but lack the ability to pay. With the massive shift of financial liability from payers to individuals, the patient has become the new payer.

OnPlan Health: Bridging the gap

OnPlan Health is shifting the collections mindset to “responsive payment support” with an end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between what the patient owes and what they can afford.

End-to-end patient billing and payment

OnPlan is your one-stop shop for patient billing and payment solutions, including consolidated statements, automated payment plans, online/mobile billing, payment processing in any currency, email and text notifications, and performance analytics.

Secure payment technology

Our end-to-end credit card protection and payment processing easily integrates with any payment application. With point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization, your patients’ credit card data is neither stored nor transmitted across your networks, virtually eliminating the risk of a breach for your institution.

Responsive payment support: happy patients, healthy margins

OnPlan's payment support solution is a simple, automated way to settle balances with patients based on their ability to pay - enhancing the patient experience and significantly improving your bottom line.



Identify patients who need payment support



Offer the right installment and terms



Self-activate payment plans and pay-in-full



Drive workflow, consolidate accounts, and adjust balances

Proof is in the results
In early-out/financing placements
In cash collections
In billing-related phone calls
Payment plans
What our customers are saying about us
“By automatically offering tailored payment plan terms, patients don’t have to call and ask for a plan, which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming for them. And OnPlan’s P2PE solution is a critical component in securely capturing card data across our organization.”
“OnPlan has helped us improve our patient payments by 10 percent in the first eight months. By offering our patients convenient payment options upfront, we’ve not only lowered our average term length by 28 percent, but we’ve also increased our pay-in-fulls. OnPlan’s clear and timely communication of payment options really works for our patients and staff.”

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